Gal was born in Jerusalem, dreaming of flying above the white stone houses of her neighborhood like Peter Pan. As she grew older and became more acquainted with the laws of gravity, she had to abandon that plan. Instead, she devised a different way to never grow up: she attended Bezalel Academy of Arts and learned to draw.

Gal loves to illustrate animals and creatures, and to see her creations come to life as they experience all those often funny, at times touching, and occasionally awkward situations that inhabit the colorful world of fiction. Her illustrations are bouncing through games and TV shows, they sit on packaging and live in various children's books around the globe... and sometimes, one hides under her drawing board, waiting to be teased out into the light. They are playful creatures, so please be kind to them, she loves them all.

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2019    Group, "Amazing Adventures": An Exhibition of Art Inspired by the Works of Jules Verne in London